About the Store

“Be smart…”

Killer Whale is a clothing brand established in 2018.

Following on from it’s beginning, we are now selling a range of products in various colours: polo t-shirts for men and women, jackets, casual and gym t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies and caps.

Our main focus is to bring to our customers the best quality at affordable prices this why our products are being carefully chosen.

Our designs incorporate simple yet elegant, are being made with the best materials which will provide to our customers the best experience.

Why we choose the killer whale as our logo?

The killer whales are welled known for being very strong, smart, sophisticated and intelligent whale form the Oceanic Dolphin family.

This are the characteristics that our brand wants to have and our customers to experience while wearing our products.

We want our customers to be a part of our journey, to enjoy our product and continue to shop with us.

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